Importing to Serbia

Do you expect shipment from abroad and you still haven’t chosen your Customs representative? FedEx in Serbia offers you an import customs clearance service. The experience of over 15 years in Serbia ensured us an excellent knowledge of customs regulations. What makes us different from other courier companies:

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Why do I have to fill in the documentation for customs clearance?

The customs clearance documentation is filled by the consignee for the authenticity of the information in the statements and attached to it under full responsibility.

Why do I have to pay customs clearance service?

The costs incurred during the formal entry are the costs of customs representation during the process of the customs clearance itself. Customs Agent in FedEx Serbia has to create a Bill of entry (customs declaration) with which he carries out customs clearance of the shipment.

Why am I charged for customs clearance procedure if I paid the shipment to sender via door-to-door service?

Door-to-door delivery means that, after customs clearance is completed (if required), shipment will be delivered to recipient´s address, but it is not exempted from import procedures and fees.

Why do transportation charges, insurance and other costs indicated on the invoice enter the customs and tax base?

All costs that are stated on the invoice issued by sender are included in the calculation of the customs debt under the law of the Republic of Serbia.

Why is the price of customs and VAT greater than he value of the goods I have ordered on the internet?

One of the reason that can lead to the amount of import fees being greater than the value of the goods is when the formal entry is required and received goods are subject to duties and taxes. Express courier services whose shipments have a priority status are more expensive than regular post, and therefore customs base can be raised. This information is posted on the official Customs Administration website.