About Us

FedEx officially began operations in the U.S. on April 17th 1973. , counting only 389 team members.That night, 14 aircrafts took off from Memphis to 25 U.S. cities, truly believing they were doing something good. First 186 shipments were delivered successfully. Though the company did not show a profit until July 1975, it soon became the premier carrier of high-priority goods in the marketplace and set the standard for the express shipping industry it established. Intercontinental operations began in 1984. with service to Europe and Asia, by forming new routes and flights thus building its mission and vision. Mission is the „Purple Promise“. People run big and small business that lift their communities and improve the quality of their lives. For people who are „hungry“ for innovations, maximal services, who wants the very best and understand how important is to make their lives easer - connected world is a better world. Nowadays, FedEx know no borders by serving over 220 countries and teritories, with more than 400.000 employees worldwide, rising.

FedEx in Serbia – Flying Cargo YU, small link in a big chain

We are prodly wearing the label of one of the most influental companies, that constantly ranks high among the world’s most admired brands. We are a small link in a big chain, which helped us to become the Global Service Participant. In 2002., we started business as a Flying Cargo YU, licensee of Federal Express Corporation. Carefully researching our market and the needs of our people, for over a decade and a half, we’ve established the best procedures and operations in order to provide you the best service. We still remember celebrating our first shipment. We still remember working hard to gain the trust of ours, at this point, long-term clients. By adopting the purple codex we adopted the promise that says:

“I will make every FedEx experience outstanding”

We don’t listen to you for the sake of listening – we hear you. We don’t assume what you want – we know. That’s what sets us apart from other courier services.

You recognized the quality and that's why you're here, right?