Branch Office Nis – Closer to You!

We have decided to bring the City of Nis closer to the economics of 220 countries and territories all over the World, by delivering our service one step closer to your door.

We are pleased to announce that we have oppened the new branch office, which will be in charge for the Southern Serbia.

Why the City of Nis?

Not only because Nis is the one of the oldest cities in the Balkans, which has always been considered as very important traffic, gateway between the East and the West, but because of the amazing spirit that this city has. What contributes to this spirit are the people, whose main characteristics are kindness and friendly hospitality, spiced up with heartiness or what is also called the Southern temperament.

We are located at the address Jug Bogdanova street no.9, local L1, and we are here exclusively for you.

As usual, we have formed a team of experts, who will welcome you warmly and grant the service you are looking for.

What you know about us so far is that kindness and expeditivity set us apart from others, so we invite you to find out yourself.


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